We know that when it comes time to hire a band, things can get a little complicated. Dealing with agents, contracts, and musicians can be overwhelming for some. Which is why when it comes to booking an act, we want to make it as easy as possible. Easy for us, easy for the band, and just as important, easy for you (the buyer).

We work diligently, and transparently, with all of our clients to make sure everyone gets what they want. That there are no hidden fees, no complications, and no drama. Just courtesy, professionalism, and, in the end, a great concert that everyone in attendance will thoroughly enjoy.

To pull this off, we’ve done two things. Created the form below which allows us to collect the information needed to make booking an act as easy as possible, and created the “Booking FAQ” which should answer any question you may have. Have a question that isn’t answered on here? No problem! Simply CONTACT US and we’ll be happy to help you out every step of the way!

Our acts are available for public venues, private events, and corporate events.

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Booking FAQ

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How do I book an act for my event?

To book an act, there are some things to consider. The part where we make it easy is that we’re going to list them for you!

  • When/where is the event? – This one is pretty obvious, however it is very important to have this information before submitting an inquiry. The date and location of the event does factor into the price. It also determines the availability of the act you would like to book. While our acts work all over the world, most are based out of Southern California. So if your event is elsewhere, transportation will have to be factored into the cost. If the venue doesn’t have backline,  sound equipment, or lights, these must be supplied by either the buyer or the act depending on location and availability. See Event Production for more details.
  • Which act to book? – When it comes to picking which act you would like to book, consider what type of event you’re hosting, and what you think your audience will like. We have a wide variety of bands that are guaranteed to perform at their best, and put on a show that will definitely entertain. However, some acts may not be appropriate for certain settings. For example, a high energy, larger than life Rolling Stones tribute band may not be the best for a quiet intimate dinner setting. Situations like that may annoy your guests rather than entertain them. If you’re not sure the act you want will fit in with your event, feel free to speak to one of our agents who will gladly assist you!
  • What is the budget? – The information you provide about your event helps us give you an accurate quote. Prices will vary depending on the date, location, and (of course) which act you would like to book. Each act will charge what they deem is fair for everyone, and depending on the details of the event. If a quote you receive is out of your price range, some acts may be willing to negotiate. Otherwise you may want to look into another act. Regardless, we will help you find the best entertainment that fits your budget!
Once we’ve received the necessary information, and a fee has been agreed upon by all parties, both you and the act will sign a contract and solidify the booking.

How much will this cost?

We know, this is the important questions. The short answer is: it depends. Each band has their own fee, which varies depending on the details of the event. Show length, travel and accommodations (when applicable), the size of the event, all factor into each quote. 

For events that require flights, a 50% deposit will be required. This is used to purchase flight tickets, and to hold the date of the event. Deposits are due after the contract has been signed by both the buyer and the band. The remaining balance of the band’s fee will then be due on the day of the event. 

Payments can be made by check, debit/credit card, Zelle, or Paypal.

Event Production

Each act has their own specific rider and stage plot. A “rider” is a document that shows the requirements needed for each band to successfully perform their show. This includes a “stage plot” which is a visual map of each band’s set up on the stage. A rider/stage plot will include required details on:
  • Stage/Power – Each act will require a sufficient size stage or space for them to set up their equipment. The required size will vary for each band, however this information will be provided in each act’s rider. The stage/space will also require enough power for the band’s equipment. This information will also be provided in the riders.
  • Sound/Lights – When booking a band, it will be better know before hand who will be providing the sound/light equipment. If your venue doesn’t have a sound/light system, be sure to let us know when booking. For local shows, sound and lights can be provided if needed. However sound/lights must be provided by the venue for events that require the band to fly to. 
  • Crew – This includes the sound crew, lighting technician, and any other crew members needed to put on a successful performance. Please note: for travel shows (flights involved), acts may bring their own sound man which may require additional travel and lodging expenses.
  • Backline – This is the band’s instruments and equipment. This may include drums, amps, guitars, and keyboards. While most of our acts provide their own backline for local shows, certain instruments and equipment may be required by the buyer for travel shows. Each act may ask for specific brands or sizes of instruments/equipment. These details will be listed in their riders.
  • Green Room – Some of our acts have show wardrobe, while some do not. Either way, each one of our bands will require what’s know as a “green room” to change, and to hang out in before the show. This is a private room or closed off area that is for the band members only, and should be relatively close to the stage. A green room should include at least one large table, enough chairs for the band members, lights, clothing rack, and mirrors. Please note that the green room does not actually need to be green.
  • Hospitality – Each act will have variations of what they would like when it comes to hospitality. This may include bottled waters, snacks, drinks, etc. Due to the length of time it takes to put on a show, many of our acts will also require either hot meals (enough for each band member), or a cash buyout to pay for meals.
These exact details will vary for each act, and will be listed in each band’s rider. Although it shouldn’t be expected, there can be cases in which negotiations are possible between the band and the buyer. This will be sorted before the contract is signed by both parties.


When it comes to public events, we’ve too often seen bands get booked and then do very little to no advertising. They rely on the venue to try to sell tickets on their own. We’ve seen how this can work out, and it’s not always good.

All of our acts work in tandem with each venue to promote every show. The goal is to come as close to selling out (if not sold-out) as possible. We, and our acts, understand that bands must help promote their shows as much as possible to ensure high ticket sales. We want venues to want to have our acts return for more shows, and we want venues to return to us for their acts. For this to happen, we know that high ticket sales is key, and advertising helps create high ticket sales.

Our goal is to make everyone happy; the acts we work with, the audience they’re entertaining, ourselves, and you the buyer.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact us any time at: